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How to interview a personal injury attorney

After being hurt in an accident, you should find a personal injury lawyer to represent you in court. This is the only way to recover fair and full compensation especially if the person who hurt you is not cooperative. After an accident, you will need to cater for medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages and much more. After selecting a personal injury lawyer and planning for a face to face meeting, it is important to be ready with the questions you are going to ask before deciding it is them to represent you. This article will give you some questions to be asked.

  • accidentsWhat is your area of practice? They should represent cases like yours.
  • What areas are you specialized in? It is best if you select a lawyer with experience in accidents similar to yours.
  • How many years have you been on the field? Experience is very important when it comes to selecting personal injury lawyers. Go for lawyers with more than ten years of experience.
  • Have your represented cases similar to mine before? If yes, how many? Only choose lawyers who have represented cases similar to yours.
  • Do you only settle cases out of court? If a lawyer only presents cases outside the court, you do not expect a lot if your case has to be listened by a judge. Go for lawyers who will comfortably present in court if need be.
  • Do you present cases to trial or will you refer me to another lawyer? Some lawyers only settle cases quickly for turnarounds. Avoid such. Choose lawyers who will present you till the case is done.
  • What is your track record of settlements and verdicts? They might have been on the field for long but their track record very poor. Settle for lawyers who have won many cases in their time of practice.
  • personal injury lawyerWill you handle the case or are you going to pass it to someone else? A lawyer might be good with everything else until they decide to pass your case to another lawyer in the firm. Only choose lawyers who will personally work on your case.
  • Do you have enough finances and proper workforce to take you through the case? Big cases require a lot of finances and resources to cater for investigations, testimonials, medical specialists and many more. A good lawyer must be able to fund all that and have the right connections for personal resources.